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nformation listed below has been directly pulled from the signed lease agreement.

  • Proper Grill Use and Storage- In compliance with Local County Fire Laws, Resident owned cooking Grills that use propane and charcoal are strictly prohibited to be used or stored on the patio or balcony and must be used at a distance of 15 feet from any building. If caught using a grill on your patio or balcony the County penalty is up to a One Thousand Dollars Fine ($1000.00) and or up to one year in prison. A $50 fine will be charged to your account if a grill is found improperly used or stored.
  • Patio/Balcony- All balconies or patios must be kept clean and clear of storage items. Hanging of clothes, garments or rugs over railing of balconies or patios will not be permitted. Patios or balconies should not be used for anything except patio/outdoor furniture, living flower boxes and plants; they are not to be used for storage under any circumstances. For safety, please do not place plants on balcony railings. Grills are NOT allowed.
  • Blinds/Window Coverings- Window treatments must have white linings or a white background. Bed linens, towels, tin foil, flags, reflector film, etc. are not acceptable. Mini blinds and or vertical blinds are provided. Please note that if broken or damaged blinds are visible we will schedule for replacement. Your account will be charged $45-$65 for the replacement. Cost determined by size.
  • Satellite Dish Equipment- Satellite/Communication equipment shall not be placed or erected on the roof or exterior of any building, without Managements prior approval and cannot exceed 24”.
  • Trash/Grounds Upkeep
    • GROUNDS UPKEEP: The Apartment Community maintains a high degree of grounds maintenance. Management requests that you help in maintaining our high standards. Please do not throw trash or cigarette butts on the grounds and remove pet waste immediately.
    • COMPACTOR/DUMPSTERS: There is a compactor or dumpster conveniently located in your Community. Please insure that your trash is placed in plastic bags and securely tied before placing it in the trash receptacle, not beside it. You must break down boxes before placing them in compactor. Large Items such as furniture and appliances are prohibited.
    • INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR ALTERATIONS: No apartment alterations allowed without Management's prior written approval.
    • ENTRANCES, HALLWAYS, WALKS AND LAWNS: Entrances, hallways, walks, lawns and other public areas should not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than entering and exiting. This includes leaving trash outside your door or anywhere on the premises. Trash left outside your door is subject to a $50 fine per bag. Communities that provide door to door Valet Trash service must abide by the procedures – time and dates of trash pickup.
  • Smoking/Butt Disposal- SMOKING ANYWHERE INSIDE BUILDINGS OF THE APARTMENT COMMUNITY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All forms and use of burning, lighted, vaporized, or ignited tobacco products and smoking of tobacco products inside any dwelling, building, or interior of any portion of the apartment community is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the nonsmoking policy is a material and substantial violation of this Addendum and the Lease Contract. Smoking is approved outdoors on your balcony/patio. However, you are required to dispose of the waste associated with smoking properly. Your account will be charged a minimum of $50 for butts or other smoke related items if disposed of improperly.
  • Pet Approval and Pet Waste
    • PETS: No pets allowed except with the permission of Management and execution of a Pet Addendum. The pet fee will be required and a fine of $100 will be incurred if your pet is unauthorized. Breed restrictions apply and are enforced. Resident is responsible for any damage made by their pet
    • ANIMAL RULES. You are responsible for the animal's actions at all times. You agree to abide by these rules:
      • The animal must not disturb the neighbors or other residents, regardless of whether the animal is inside or outside the dwelling.
      • Dogs, cats, and support animals must be housebroken. All other animals must be caged at all times. No animal offspring are allowed.
      • Inside, the animal may urinate or defecate only in these designated areas: LITTER BOX. Outside, the animal may urinate or defecate only in these designated areas: AWAY FROM BUILDINGS NEAR PET WASTE RECEPTACLES.
      • Animals may not be tied to any fixed object anywhere outside the dwelling units, except in fenced yards (if any) for your exclusive use.
      • You must keep the animal on a leash and under your supervision when outside the dwelling or any private fenced area. We or our representative may pick up unleashed animals and/or report them to the proper authorities. We may impose reasonable charges for picking up and/or keeping unleashed animals.
      • If the animal defecates anywhere on our property (including in a fenced yard for your exclusive use), you'll be responsible for immediately removing the waste and repairing any damage. Despite anything this Addendum says, you must comply with all local ordinances regarding animal defecation.
    • FINE- A $75 fine will be charged to your account if pet waste is not disposed of properly and immediately. Also, please note that pet waste can NOT be stored in a receptacle outside your front or back door. Pet waste must be disposed of in receptacles provided by management. We've received complaints of foul odors as well as the attraction of insects and other pests.

We want to thank you in advance for your residency

and attention to the cleanliness of your property.

We love our community and want continue

to make this a beautiful place to call home!!!






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Pet Policy

You love your pets

....We do too!!!!

We require a nonrefundable pet fee of $350 for 1 pet and an additional $150 for the second pet.


The following breeds are prohibited whether pure or mix breed: Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier), Chow Chow, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Presa Canario and any other breeds that are considered aggressive.

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